Efficient energy renovation

Find the optimal scenario for a successful energy renovation

They’re many parameters to take into account when preparing an energy renovation project. With Assysto, you get the optimal renovation scenario depending on your budget and your efficiency target. You get advices and information on best practices to make your renovation a success. You can also explore as many variations as you want, and for each work package, you get the impact on the energy efficiency and futur energy savings, and the associated cost.

Find the optimal scenario to improve a property energy efficiency
Find the best scenario to improve the building energy performance

How does it work?

We put the digital 3D model at the heart of our approach. We connect an energy simulation engine to this model so that it becomes possible to iterate by applying the generic renovation work packages on the specific configuration of the property. This allows to get the best combination to reach the best efficiency target within your budget, while being compliant with the renovation best practices. You can let the system pick up the optimal scenario for you, or you can manualy explore all the possibilities.

For old properties, it is likely that the 3D model is not available. You can easily create this digital twin, even if no floor plan is available. No need of sophisticated tools like lidars or drones, you simply take (special) photos with an Assysto mobile app, answer a few questions, and Assysto creates the 3D model for you.

Linking the 3D model with the energy simulation engine allows to test all the work package combinations
Perform iterations on the energy simulation engine using data from the 3D model

More than a simple 3D model

We use the BIM (Building Information Modeling) IFC format for the 3D model. This open format is the standard for the architectural, building and construction industry. The model is therfore much more than a 3D representation of the property: it is a full database. The IFC model contains for each object its geometry (if it has one) and the information attached to it (for example the cost, information on the manufacturer, …).

3D models created by Assysto use the BIM IFC format
BIM IFC 3D model

Creating this BIM IFC model is also an investment. Over time, you can add many more data, not necessarily related to energy renovation, to this model. This database is a great asset for an efficient management of the property. It becomes the place where you store every important change or document, with a link to the area to which it relates. Thanks to the digitilisation, you can launch automatic processings based on the collected data. It is also a handy means to share information with all the actors working on the property.

Reuse of the existing data

Whenever possible, Assysto integrates the data from the available sources, whether coming from public or private repositories. If you have specific needs, contact Assysto. We will study how to insert your data into the BIM IFC model.

In France, Assysto already collects data from existing energy performance diagnostics (DPE) performed by qualified professionals. Click the link below to access a tool that displays all the data collected during the diagnostic, provides explanation about the meaning of every field and details about the associated French regulation.

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